Is Health and Safety an issue to business continuity?

Health, Safety and Wellness

Health, safety and wellness  have been talked and given more attention to after the beginning of the pandemic. At workplace, employees’ health, safety and wellness became a business continuity issue. Business leaders and organisations are thinking new ways to implement and support creative solutions for the future of work. To make a positive impact to drive greater empowerment of worker it is important to have clear understanding of Wellness for Work.

Before we go further, we need to know what is OHS?

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What is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)?

Risk differs with every organization which they need to address for the safety and wellbeing of their employees. Be it an indoor or an outdoor job, if an employee feels secure, he or she can work with full concentration in delivering superior quality of work.

Many organizations have implemented health, safety and Wellness measures but there are many who feel that it is a waste of time. Organizations which standardize health and safety procedures and enforce the standards by facilitating training across all industries is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

WellForWrok - For all Occupational Health and Safety Needs

What is a Wellness Program?

The wellness program is an extension of OHS. It is all about building a healthy work environment, helping people to feel protected and giving ways to unlock positive energy.

Wellness program has been adopted by  many organization to address the mental and physical health needs of their employees in line with OHS health and safety standards.

Health, Safety and Wellness For Workplace Privacy Rights

Why is Workplace Wellness Programs Important to Business Continuity?

Employees often ignore their health & wellbeing when they are working. When employee does not pay attention to his/her health, the productivity takes a hit and so does their personal life.

Wellbeing programs at workplace is an approach that can help employees to understand what they can do to improve their stress levels and health issues. When employees are content, they can feel empowered and engaged in the workplace. As a result, employees will be motivated and focused to leave no stone unturned and make positive impact to the worthy outcome. The outcome that adheres to the organisation’s goals, values, and its success.

“WellForWork” – An approach to Occupational Wellness

Well for Work has always taken employees’ wellness and safety very seriously. We characterize wellness as the act of practicing healthy habits daily to attain physical and mental health.

Our approach to wellness is not a static or one of activity. WellForWork team of occupational health and wellbeing continue to stay connected with our partners and keep them engaged to implement practices that really helps them.

We help our partner businesses and organizations in developing health, safety and wellness policies and procedures. WellForWork provides Independent Medical Assessment, Medical Case Review, ACC related Initial Medical Assessment and Vocational Assessments, pre-employment medicals, drug screening, medical surveillance or staff members exposed to radiation, chemotherapy medication, and other hazardous substances. Confidential Psychiatric evaluation, and rehabilitation guidance. Moreover, we help to manage incidents / accidents by providing a confidential on-line reporting system specific to their organisation.

Well for Work looks forward to partner with you and your workplace in the journey of practicing healthy habits to attain Wellness at Workplace. Please do not hesitate to discuss your occupational need and expectations.

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