Working helps you gain a sense of pride and self-satisfaction, that you can support yourself and your family. There is no short cut to success. Through hard work, we can achieve goals of our life. Everyone who goes to work should come home healthy and safe. It is therefore required that all workplace owners provide protection to their employees from workplace both physical and mental health and safety risks.

Employer and employees need to work together to improve work-related risks that could cause severe injury, illness or even death. Working together means that we engage and participate in sharing information and identifying work related risks.

If an employee feels secure, he or she can work with full concentration in delivering superior quality of work.

Nip It in the Bud

To nip the work-related risk in the bud it is essential to identify and document:

  • work-related health and safety risks that have the potential to cause workers and others severe injury or illness
  • the likelihood of those risks occurring
  • the degree of harm that could result from those risks
  • the options to eliminate the risks
  • the options to minimise the risks (where the risk cannot be eliminated)
  • the associated costs.
work-related risk identify

WellForWork is here for you

Each business or workplace does not need to employ an expert on health and safety. They can always ask a health & safety specialist to help them assess their workplace and identify opportunities of improvement. WellForWork can help in performing basic safety audit and provide health and safety policies and procedures to keep the workplace safe and healthy.

Moreover, WellForWork provides Independent Medical Assessment, Medical Case Review, ACC related Initial Medical Assessment and Vocational Assessments, pre-employment medicals, drug screening, medical surveillance or staff members exposed to radiation, chemotherapy medication, and other hazardous substances. Confidential Psychiatric evaluation, and rehabilitation guidance. Moreover, we help to manage incidents / accidents by providing a confidential on-line reporting system specific to their organisation.

Well for Work looks forward to partner with you and your workplace in the journey of practicing healthy habits to attain Wellness at Work. Please do not hesitate to discuss your occupational need and expectations.

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