Heinrich Accident Pyramid

Heinrich accident pyramid illustrates the importance of reporting and safe behaviour.  It shows that 300 near misses lead to 30 minor injuries which result in one serious injury/fatality. Hence, if we focus on reducing our near misses and report all hazards and near misses, to learn from them.  It will help improve practices and keep our team safe from a similar action which may lead to an injury or fatality.  The purpose of the accident and hazard log is to create awareness and develop procedures to ensure the action which leads to a near miss is not repeated.  The best value of such a reporting system is in organisations which believe in a safety culture where; instead of blaming the staff there is a systems approach to improve safety.

Wellness Application

At Well for Work, we offer an advanced online reporting system designed to prevent and address hazards and accidents. Our commitment to safety includes electronic and in-person safety consulting, along with annual audits of accident and hazard records, ensuring the safety of Kiwis in the workplace.

Try It For Free

Experience it for Free! Well for Work invites the first 15 companies to enjoy a complimentary 6-month trial of our electronic reporting system.

Please reach us at info@wellforwork.co.nz

WellForWork - Accident and Reporting System
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